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May 1, 2019

I wanted to touch base with everybody on the recent rash of offenses in and around Devonshire. I was able to get felony warrants on the two suspects that committed offenses in Devonshire and one of them has been arrested. The other one is on the run and our Gang Unit is actively searching for him.  Now, this doesn't mean we can let down our guard and start leaving our cars unlocked again or property in plain view. Please continue to lock your cars, take property inside and if you have a gated driveway, park behind the gate. 

I have asked my guys to start making more traffic stops for moving violations such as stop sign running, failure to signal, speeding, etc... Well, it turns out that 99% of the violators are dues paying homeowners! I would hope everyone doesn't see paying dues as a right to break the law. While we issue more warnings than citations, that can change if the increase in violations continue. Please follow the laws and not make it awkward for my guys. Thank you.

It appears there is a good intentioned neighbor that is policing the bulk trash issue in our neighborhood by putting nastygrams in people's mailboxes who put their bulk trash out too early. I love the enthusiasm, but you are breaking federal laws by putting stuff in mailboxes. Mailboxes are for postage paid U.S. mail ONLY. Besides, do we really need to be turning our neighbors in to Code Enforcement? Trust me, when you call Code Enforcement out to a neighborhood they descend on it and issue numerous citations for everything! Again, I love the effort to keep Devonshire beautiful, but I think there are other ways to handle it. If you are a dues paying member please use the neighborhood phone so we can take care of our own business.

For those of you that donated to the Kevin James Clay Shoot, THANK YOU! The event was a huge success once again. Devonshire was proudly represented by our own Ann Rosenzweig who shot and enjoyed the festivities. All monies raised at the event will go to the Kevin James Endowment Fund which benefits the Assist the Officer Foundation. The ATO provides financial assistance to officers who are facing the loss of income due to serious injury, life threatening illness or other catastrophic events. If you have never shot sporting clays, you need to come out next year. Breakfast, lunch, raffle, music, it's all there for a good cause.

Until next time, stay safe, look out for your neighbors and keep Devonshire the best neighborhood in Dallas!  



May 2015

Hello all!

It's been a while since I wrote an article for the neighborhood and, with the recent theft of wheels, I figured now would be a good time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). First let me start off by saying that crime is NOT out of control in Devonshire. I have seen some posts and even emails to the chief of police and the city councilwoman asking for help because there have been robberies and all kinds of other bad stuff happening in Devonshire. That is not true. Although one crime is too many in my eyes, we have only had seven true, legitimate offenses this year and they have all been property crimes.

The recent overnight theft of tires and rims from four houses in Devonshire is the most offenses in one night in the 19 years I have been working the neighborhood. We know a little about the suspect's actions and how quick they are when committing these offenses. They work in teams of 4-5 with two hydraulic jacks. The whole car goes up at once and one suspect goes to work on one tire each. Even with locking lug nuts, it is as fast as a NASCAR pit stop. They have been taking the pave stones from a house in the neighborhood so we are simply taking them back. The nice homeowner is looking to cement the pave stones down so they can't be taken. 

So what are we, as your neighborhood police officers, doing to combat this trend? We have been authorized to work extra hours over the holiday weekend with an officer working the overnight hours looking for pretty much any vehicles on the roads in the early morning hours. 

So what can y'all, as homeowners, do to combat this trend? I would ask that each of you go to the neighbor on either side of you and ask if they are members. If they are not, pressure them into joining. Currently, the budget only allows us to work 190 hours a month. That leaves 550+ hours with no officer presence. 

I have asked on-duty patrol officers to provide some patrols in the area but they say they are having to go from call to call to call and none of them are in Devonshire. They did say if/when call load permits, they would provide some officer presence in the area.
Rest assured, every off-duty officer that works for you is aware of the recent events and are on high alert for suspicious vehicles/activity. You be too!

K E V I N ‘ S     K O R N E R

As I sit down and put pen to paper for this edition of Kevin’s Korner, too many issues and topics come to mind for just one Korner.  Therefore, I am going to scatter shoot the topics:


There are so many lucky dogs in Devonshire that have owners willing to walk them or take them up to the dog park (an awesome addition to the neighborhood may I add!). Unfortunately there are a few dog owners that are unaware of the city ordinances on walking in the streets and walking dogs without a leash.  If a side walk is provided on either side of the street, ALL pedestrians (and dogs) must use the sidewalk.  The city ordinance further states that an owner of an animal commits an offense if he fails to restrain the animal at all times in a fenced yard, and enclosed pen or by a tether or leash. Should a person violate either of these ordinances they could be issued a citation.  That goes for pushing strollers too.  Please use the sidewalks where available.

Door-to-Door Solicitors 

Yes, they still see Devonshire as a target rich environment.  Please continue to call the hot line or 911 whenever there is an aggressive solicitor at your door.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  They may not solicit after sunset, or at houses with a “no solicitors” sign posted.

Blocking Driveways 

With all the construction in the neighborhood, comes more large construction trucks.  There is only so much room on the streets without blocking private driveways.  If you see any vehicles blocking a private drive please call the hotline or call 911 if no answer. This is a safety issue for someone who may need to get out of their driveway quickly for medical reason.  This is an issue that is continuing to get worse.  We need to put a stop to it with a visit to the job site managers.

Quick Response

Recently a homeowner returned home to find a group of kids leaving the front of a house at a high rate of speed.  They did the right thing and called the hotline immediately which was quickly answered by the off-duty officer.  He was there in less than one minute to confirm that no offense had been committed.  The kids may have been friends of the son that lived at the house. The reason I bring this up is because this is one of the main reasons to have a neighborhood patrol, a quick response!  Had the homeowner not got the officer and called 911, it could have taken up to 30 minutes for an on-duty officer to arrive.

Matching Program

The above mentioned quick response should start occurring more and more thanks to the generosity of an anonymous homeowner.  The homeowner will match any monetary contributions by other homeowners over their allotted dues.  He will also match new members and even those behind on their dues.  This will allow for additional hours of patrol. So, if you want to see your money double, contribute an amount and the homeowner will match it.  





The biggest challenge during the holiday season for us officers is keeping packages left on front porches from walking off.  Each December we search out the local delivery drivers and ask/beg them to try to conceal packages left at front doors as best as possible; unfortunately that often falls on deaf ears.  If you know you are expecting a package please have it delivered to a neighbor that you know will be home or have a neighbor keep an eye on your porch.

The benefits of living in Devonshire are many, but they all start with participation.  Continue to encourage your neighbors to join, join if you haven’t and continue to look out for each other.

Kevin Janse

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