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5th Annual Chili-Cook-off Results

What a great turn out for our 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Pictures results, and comments are below:


 First Place:

"Super Shermans"


Second Place:

"Chili Rockers" 


 Peoples Choice:

"Axis of Evil Chili"



"Fire in the Hole" 

"Red Hot Mamma's"

"Last Minute Chili"

"All for Alley"

"Black Dog Chili"
"No Harm Chili"

"OU Chili"

"Holiday Cheer Chili"

"Sizilin Session"

And a Special Thanks to our Judges!

And The School Of Rock!

Some Random Pics:

I look forward to seeing everyone next year,
Chris York, DNA Board President
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