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Now that 2015 has come to a close and the hectic holidays are over, I have had time to sit down and look back at last year and the successes in the Devonshire Neighborhood Patrol Program.  Yes, there have been a few, but I think the biggest success is the low crime rate (if you want to call it a crime rate)!  

While no neighborhood is 100% crime free, I can tell you, after comparing Devonshire to the other surrounding neighborhoods, we are one of the lowest, if not the lowest.  That is a testament to each and every one of you who have called in on suspicious people or activity, either to the off duty phone or 911. Keep up the good work.  Remember, Dallas has a new saying:  If you see something….say something!

Overall for 2015, there was only one violent crime in the neighborhood and that was a family violence arrest.  No stranger on stranger assaults or robberies occurred.  There were two houses that were broken into; one was under construction and the appliances were removed shortly after being installed (a common crime in Dallas, usually orchestrated by the delivery company workers). The other was foiled when the homeowner confronted the suspect in the house.

The most common offenses last year were the dreaded theft of tires/rims and the third row seats.  This was most common on GMC’s and Cadillac’s and occurred seven times.  Also taken out of vehicles were golf clubs, strollers and even a tailgate.  A moped was also taken from the front of a house.

Now let me commend the officers that work for you.  In the above mentioned theft of golf clubs, one officer knew who the suspect was when the clubs were found in a pawn shop.  He knew right where he lived which made the detectives job easy when it came time to issue a warrant and arrest him.

Another officer stopped a suspicious person late onenight on a bicycle and confronted him (which could have turned out bad, had he not called for back up).  The suspect was a wanted felon and had drugs on him.  He was obviously up to no good.  And finally, and officer patrolling one evening observed a suspicious vehicle and pulled it over on a traffic stop only to find out the vehicle was stolen.  Another person in the neighborhood up to no good!

Of course our goal as ENP officers is to make your/our neighborhood 100% crime free but we know that is not reality.  What we can achieve is a very low crime rate like years past and that will only be accomplished with your help.  Continue to utilize the off duty phone and 911, continue to let us know when you are out of town so we can watch your house. But more importantly, continue to be that nosey neighbor like MsKravitzwas (sorry young’uns, it’s a Bewitched thing!).

Until next time, take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors.



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