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As many of you are aware, Councilmember Jennifer Gates has appointed a Preston Road and Northwest Hwy Area Plan Stakeholder Taskforce. The purpose of the Area Plan is to develop a vision for the Preston Center and NW Hwy area that will guide future policy and investment. The Taskforce members are made up of representatives from the 7 "zones" surrounding Preston Road and NW Hwy. The Taskforce will provide input to the project scope of work, review deliverables and help coordinate and guide consultant tasks. 

Devonshire is Zone 6 and our representative is Devonshire resident Maureen McCaffrey. Maureen and her family have lived in the 75209 zip code for over 17 years residing in Greenway Parks, Bluffview and Devonshire. She will attend the Taskforce meetings on behalf of Devonshire/Zone 6. If you have opinions or comments you would like to have considered at future meetings, please email Maureen at msmccaff@icloud.com so she can include and express our neighbors views. Please use "Taskforce Feedback" in the subject line of your email. Maureen's updates will be posted in this tab - the most recent listed first.

October 21, 2015

Update on the Preston and Northwest Highway Area Plan from Jennifer Gates :


The Preston and Northwest Highway Area Plan's Advisory Taskforce met on Tuesday night, October 19th, 2015, to listen to the consultant discuss preliminary data findings. You may view the meeting agenda, presentation and handout packet by going to the Area Plan website:

The past month, the consultants have
been collecting data and soliciting feedback from neighbors residing in the study area. They will continue to solicit feedback from the community through a survey and a community workshop.

The survey will be available for the community to take early next week. The survey can be accessed by going to the Area Plan website, and my office will send a link to the survey when it is available.

The Community Workshop will be on November 3rd, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Walnut Hill Rec Center- Ballroom (10011 Midway Rd. Dallas, TX 75229). This will be an interactive meeting encouraging the public to share their ideas for the future of the Preston and Northwest Highway area.

Preston Center Skybridge Update:

The applicant has requested for the hearing to be deferred until the completion of the Preston and Northwest Highway Area Plan. At the scheduled hearing in November, my plan is to make a motion to defer this item to a Council Agenda meeting in August 2016.



Jennifer Staubach Gates
Councilmember - District 13
(214) 670-3816

October 5, 2015

There will be a NW Hwy/Preston Road meeting this Wednesday night 6:30 to 7:30 at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and receive feedback from NEIGHBORS regarding the Northwest Highway and Preston Road area plan including traffic!  Strong representation from Devonshire  homeowners would be appreciated.

April 27, 2015 meeting update

The Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan Task Force Committee met on Monday, April 27. There were approximately 50-60 residences in attendance from the affected neighborhoods. There was an update on The Northwest Highway and Preston Road procurement schedule and the process of interviewing potential consultants is happening now. They will  examine land-use intensity and mix, future market demand, and provide future land-use strategy scenarios. Selection of consultants should be complete by end of May and the next task force is scheduled for June.

The majority of the meeting was spent on the overview of the 1986 Preston Ctr. parking study and the 1989 Preston Ctr. special study area transition study. As well as an overview of the lawsuit regarding the city-owned Preston Center garage.

Detailed information about those studies, as well as slides and any information reviews at the 4/27 (and previous mtgs) can be found at the project website:  www.nctcog.org/planning studies. Select the Northwest Highway and Preston Road area plan.
The website is full of detailed information so if you're interested in specifics, I suggest you take a few minutes to review the site.

This entire process - the Taskforce and study recommendations is scheduled to be completed May 2016

A couple of other quick notes - currently there is construction underway at Midway Road and Northwest Highway phase 1 is  to be completed July 21 and then construction will stop and begin again next May and conclude next July. Work includes  adding new signals, a couple of more turn lanes and sidewalk and dart shelter pads.  Intersections at Hillcrest and Northwest Hwy., Inwood and Northwest Hwy., BoDecker, the Tollway and Thackery are going to be experiencing construction in the next year. It was discussed that additional turn lanes and signal adjustments will be added to NW Hwy and Preston. There was pushback about the narrow lanes that currently exist at that area and how they're going to make this happen without removing one of the existing lanes. TXDot was committed to their study and that the turn lanes can be added to the existing space there by decreasing the median size. Again,  there was much concern about pedestrian walking that area as well as the timing of lights and size of space for cars. This was a hot topic at the meeting - traffic at that area specifically is the number one concern for residents.  The TXDot information  is also as outlined on the website under 4/27 agenda - TxDot NW HWY improvements information.

Councilwoman Gates mentioned  fund raising and the community is encouraged to go to the website and you can donate there. Obviously,  the more funds we have the further the consultants can study and make greater suggestions to the improvement of that area.

March 2015 meeting

The first TaskForce meeting was held earlier this month. Following the meeting, Councilmember Gates sent the letter below. Included in the letter is a link to the Preston Road and NW Hwy Project website. Detailed information about the plan, meeting summaries and a list of committee members are also included on the website.

Thank you in advance for your interest in this community initiative.

Preston Rd. and Northwest Highway Area Plan Update

Dear neighbors,


The Stakeholder Taskforce for the Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan met for the first time on Monday, March 2. We had a good and constructive first discussion about scope of the project, the role of the Taskforce and a few initial goals of the study.


NTCOG has created a project website for you to reference meeting agendas, minutes, PowerPoints, links and other pertinent information that transpired at each meeting.  I encourage you to use this website as your reference for the project.


The project website will also have directions on how to donate to help fund the study. The cost to provide professional consulting to the Taskforce is estimated to be at least $350,000, which is not covered by the City Budget.  Fortunately, the NTCOG is prepared to contribute $250,000 towards the study and the Taskforce has set a goal to raise $100,000 from the community.  


The Taskforce hopes to raise $50,000 from neighborhood stakeholders and $50,000 from commercial stakeholders. The Taskforce wants to ensure that funding not only provides for a solid study, but also allows the consultant to add additional visualizations of transportation and land development scenarios. All stakeholders in the Preston Center area will benefit from a comprehensive vision for the area and we hope for broad-based financial support to allow this to happen.


In order to inform as many area residents about this study as possible, my office will be sending out a mailer by the end of March to residences within the seven zones. We encourage residents to reach out to their Zone Representative for updates and information about the project that is sent in addition to updates from my office.


The next Stakeholder Taskforce meeting has been scheduled for Monday, April 27th at 6 PM at St. Michael's Episcopal Church (8011 Douglas Ave) in the Coke Activities Room. At the end of each Taskforce meeting, there will be 10-15 minutes of open mic time for the public to speak on items relating to the Area Plan Study. Each speaker will likely receive 2 minutes to speak. If you would like to speak, please pre-register with my office by emailing district13@dallascityhall.com. We will take other speakers as time permits.


If you follow the link to the project website (www.nctcog.org/planningstudies), you will find:

  • March 2, 2015 Meeting Summary
  • Meeting Agendas
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Schedule of Future Taskforce Meetings
  • Scope of Work Elements
  • Stakeholder Taskforce Bios
  • Directions to Donate
  • Previous Land Use Studies to use as a reference
  • Zone map

Please continue to reach out to my office if you have any questions about the Area Plan.




Jennifer Staubach Gates

Dallas City Councilmember - District 13

(214) 670-3816


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