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See below for information on the Fundraiser and HOW TO DONATE

The DNA 2024 Security Fundraiser kicks off this weekend and runs through May 31. 

The DNA initiated an aggressive plan in 2023 to reduce crime in Devonshire and increase the safety of our community by fundraising to support:
Increasing DNA patrol hours from 250 to 400+ hours/month 
Installing 8 Flock License Plate Reader Cameras* at neighborhood entry points 

The plan worked! Since June 2023, NO violent crimes and Property crimes are down 62%!

Your donations are needed to continue/increase this level of security: The budget shortfall and goal of this fundraiser is $287,500

Total cost is $450,000/year for 500 DNA patrol hours/month and yearly Flock Camera rental. 
68% of the residents are members and their dues provide $162,500/year and covers the cost for 220 hours of patrol per month. 

To kick this fundraiser off, several generous DNA members have made commitments of $10,000 each. 

We need everyone in the neighborhood to contribute to keep Devonshire safe! 

“Officers patrolling your streets is the #1 deterrent to crime. Along with the presence of the Flock cameras, we are giving the criminals two solid reasons to stay away from Devonshire.”  
Officer Kevin Janse, DPD, Head of DNA Patrol

Block captains will start delivering flyers to all residents this weekend and messages will be posted on Nextdoor, the Devonshire75209 Instagram page and the Facebook account to help spread the word. 

Donate to Fundraiser: 
Login Online: https://www.devonshireneighborhood.com 
Choose “Update Profile”
Choose “Membership Status and Payments”
Enter donation in “Additional Security” box
Press “Pay Now”
Mail a Check to: Devonshire Neighborhood Association, 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 116, Box 251, Dallas, TX 75209

Thank you for your membership!


*Flock license plate reader cameras, www.flocksafety.com, are used by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) in high crime areas. DPD is expanding installations as time and money allows. Many residential communities are installing Flock cameras.  

These cameras provide real time alerts to DPD for cars entering the neighborhood such as license plates of stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, outstanding felony warrants, and can also flag suspects in a case by their license plate. Dallas Police can pull footage for up to 30 days for an investigation.

The data captured by these cameras is accessible by Dallas Police Department only. No one in the neighborhood has access to this data.

"As a Property Crimes Detective for over 10 years, I can't tell you how many cases have been solved with the help of Flock cameras. They are the extra sets of "eyes" we need to capture critical evidence in cases." Officer Kevin Janse, DPD, Head of DNA Patrol

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